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Joe Vyvjala - Publisher Emeritus

Maxine Vyvjala - Publisher

Editors Darrell Vyvjala - sticker@cmaaccess.com, Diane Prause

Advertising Carla Ricicar - stickerads@cmaaccess.com

Staff Writers Andy Behlen - andy@schulenburgsticker.com, Lisa Mederos

Jeannie Barrier - Receptionist

Lisa Mederos - Bookkeeping

Dale Manning - Printing Department

The Schulenburg Sticker is published weekly every Thursday, except the week of Christmas, in Schulenburg, Texas. Subscription rates for the print edition are $28/year for subscribers in Fayette County, Texas; $32/year for out-of-county, and $36/year out-of-state.

For print and online, rate is only $5/year + print rate.

Online only, $28/year if you pay by mail or at our office..

If you pay through PayPal on the website, online rates are $30/year or $1.50/week. Click here for details.

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The Schulenburg Sticker
405 North Main St.
Schulenburg, TX 78956

Phone: (979) 743-3450
Fax: (979) 743-4609

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