Fayette County Jail passes state inspection

Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek reports that the Fayette County Jail has passed inspection.

On Nov. 16, the jail was inspected by George Johnson, an inspector for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

The Sheriff’s Department received a letter from the Jail Commission on Friday, Dec. 2 acknowledging the excellent work of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office with a certificate of compliance for the Fayette County Jail. The letter stated the jail facility is responsible and accountable for over 600 standards of responsibility under the Texas minimal jail standards.

The letter also praised the Fayette County Jail staff under the leadership of Sheriff Korenek.

The Certificate of Compliance is a direct result of the department’s commitment to excellence and further signifies the department’s dedication and professionalism in maintaining a safe, secure and sanitary facility.

The letter also recognized the Fayette County Commissioners Court and County Judge Ed Janecka for providing the necessary budgetary support for jail operations, which is tantamount to achieving compliance.

Pictured with a certificate acknowledging that the Fayette County Jail passed inspection are (from left) Cheif Deputy Randy Noviskie, Jail Administrator Ed Sawyer and Sherfiff Keith Korenek.