Shorthorn News


From the Schulenburg Independent School District




Daily – Fat-free chocolate or 1% white milk.

•Thursday, Oct. 8 – Confetti pancakes, strawberry kiwi juice. 

•Friday, Oct. 9 – Pigs-in-a-blanket, smoothie.

•Monday, Oct. 12 – Pop Tarts, peaches.

•Tuesday, Oct. 13 – Cocoa Puffs cereal, banana.

•Wednesday, Oct. 14 – Pancake on a stick, apple juice.

•Thursday, Oct. 15 – French toast sticks, strawberries.

•Friday, Oct. 16 – Staff development day.


•Thursday, Oct. 8 – Chicken burger, lettuce, tomato, pickles, curly fries, strawberries, mixed fruit-HS.

•Friday, Oct. 9 – Tater tot casserole, buttered carrots, whole grain roll, orange wedges, mangos-HS.

•Monday, Oct. 12 – Steak fingers, macaroni and cheese, cucumbers with ranch, grapes/pears-HS.

•Tuesday, Oct. 13 – Taco snack, refried beans, sliced peaches.

•Wednesday, Oct. 14 – Chicken smackers, broccoli with cheese, pretzel rod-HS, mandarin oranges.

•Thursday, Oct. 15 – Pizza, corn, pineapple-HS, sorbet, mangos-HS.

•Friday, Oct. 16 – Staff development day.

Note: Breakfast is free and lunch is free to all students.