Fifty-five of 303 tests on July 19 come back positive

  • Cases in Fayette & Surrounding Counties
    Cases in Fayette & Surrounding Counties

Fayette County Emergency Management Chief Craig Moreau issued a press release Monday afternoon with the results of the COVID-19 testing conducted in Flatonia on July 19.

According to Region 7 of the Department of State Health Services, the test breakdown was:

• negative results – 246;

• positive results – 55;

• pending – 2;

• total 303.

The Region 7 liaison officer noted that the 55 positive cases may or may not live in Fayette County.

“It is also worth noting that some of the tests were re-tests and may not represent new active cases,” Moreau said. “We are seeing an increase of employers requiring one to two negative tests for an employee to return to work. Many employees will go to the free state test sites to get the required documentation. It is not uncommon to see a patient continue to test positive even after they are cleared from a clinical standpoint.

“We are working on our next round of mass-testing in mid-August,” Moreau added. “We hope to have the details finalized this week. An announcement will follow when the plans are finalized. This round of testing will be geared towards school staff and students but we hope to have some ability to test the general public.”