In-home tests now available


Fayette County officials have ramped up their defense to the coronavirus by offering free inhome testing beginning Nov. 16. Funding provided by a private grant will allow residents to be tested for COVID-19 without having to leave their homes.

“We know we have some citizens who are hesitant to get tested in a public setting and we have some who are unable to get to testing sites,” said Craig Moreau, chief of Emergency Management for the Fayette County. “In an effort to assist anyone who wants to get tested, but prefers to do so at home, we will bring the test to them.”

Those wanting to get COVID-19 testing through this program should contact their doctor, who can then send orders for testing. Orders for testing can be faxed from any local physician to 979-968-8497.

“We want to assure anyone who is interested in participating in our in-home program that, like any medical procedure, this will be done confidentially,” Moreau said. “The virus continues to have widespread community impact and we want to ensure the safety of our community

“Our community is working hard to contain the spread of COVID-19, and the efforts are paying off but we are actively looking for ways to further limit the spread,” he said.

Moreau provided the following statistics on how Fayette County compared to other counties in our area, state, and nation as of Monday, Nov. 16:

• cases per capita – 6.2 per 100,000 population (lowest vs. nine nearby counties, No. 27 vs. 254 Texas counties, No. 92 vs. 3,224 U.S. counties);

• infection rate – 0.95 (fourth lowest vs. nine nearby counties, No. 102 vs. 254 Texas counties, No. 2,033 vs. 3,224 U.S. counties);

• positivity rate – 4.1 percent (lowest vs. nine nearby counties, No. 43 vs. 254 Texas counties, No. 394 vs. 3,224 U.S. counties).

For more information, contact Chief Moreau at his office (979- 968-6469) or on his cell phone (979-639-1411).

As of late Monday, Nov. 16, Fayette County reported 792 total cases, up from 686 two week prior. Over that time span, confirmed active cases went from 11 to 15 and probable cases rose from 13 to 58. In Precinct 4, which includes the Schulenburg area, the changes from Nov. 2 to Nov. 16: total cases – 165-193; confirmed active cases – 2-2; probable cases – 4-18.